Scheduling & Schedule Management   Software

Software for Small & medium Business (SME/SMB) Product: Software

Company: keylogger software

Description:Recommend secure keylogger tool for investigation officers to capture user activities on personal computers.

Sector: Data Management Industry: Technology Function: Security Scheduling

Software for Small & medium Business (SME/SMB) Product: Software

Company: Undelete Data

Description:Free undelete program helps you to rescue data that lost on NTFS and FAT file system based hard disk drive.

Sector: Network & Security Industry: Technology Function: Security Scheduling

Customer Service & Support Software - Recovery Software Product: Recovery Software
Company: Data recovery software
Description: Provide best data recovery tool to undelete intentionally or unintentionally deleted data from any portable storage device including digicam memory card, USB drive, iPod and others.

Sector: Customer Service & Support Industry: Technology Function: Security Scheduling

Software for Small & medium Business (SME/SMB) Product: Pc Spy Keylogger
Company: Computer Spy Software

Spy computer application provides advanced view option that allows user to either see all input keystrokes or only the printed one.

Sector: Application Development Industry: Technology Function: Security Scheduling

Network & Security Management Software - keylogger software Product: remote keylogger free
Company: keylogger software
Description: Free key logger software is an easy to use monitoring and surveillance tool for personal computer.

Sector: Network & Security Industry: Business Function: Security Scheduling

DRoster employee Scheduling Software Product:  DRoster employee scheduling software
Company: Kappix
Kappix's DRoster employee scheduling software is designed to relieve you of the daily pressures of creating shifts, coverage for absences, rosters,and duties.DRoster Employee Scheduling Software allows you to easily manage staff scheduling that responds instantly to your employee's scheduling requests and business scheduling requirements on the fly.The added value? Satisfied, motivated employees leading to higher employee retention, a smoothly functioning business; satisfied customers generating higher business value; more time to advance your business goals.

Sector: Calendar & Scheduling Industry: Business Function: Scheduling

DELEGATOR 4.1 Scheduling Software Product: DELEGATOR 4.1
Company: Madrigal Soft Tools
If you manage or coordinate other people,whether they are staff, colleagues,contractors or suppliers, DELEGATOR can help you.DELEGATOR is an integrated delegation management, bring forward, performance tracking, and project management system that is oriented to line managers rather than project or HR specialists.DELEGATOR helps you:Plan workloads;Communicate priorities;Assign tasks;Monitor rogress;Review performance;Manage and communicate projects.

Sector: Calendar & Scheduling Industry: Business Function: Scheduling

ScheduleVIEW Scheduling Software Product:  ScheduleVIEW
Company:  ScheduleVIEW™
ScheduleVIEW will help you save time and save money, each and every day. Utilizing powerful and flexible appointment scheduling software allows you and your whole staff to effortlessly schedule appointments, events, groups, meetings, conference rooms, resources, and more. Now everyone in your office can view and share schedule information with the click of your computer mouse.

Sector: Calendar & Scheduling Industry: Business Function: Scheduling

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