E-Commerce Software for Small & Medium Business

E-Commerce Software - Web Design India Product: Web Design India

Company:  Search Engine Optimization
Description:ddipro.com offers experienced Indian website designer and seo marketing services provides keyword rich content is extremely vital for securing and maintaining high ranking positions, getting relevant search engine traffic and expanded profit

Sector: E-Commerce Industry: Business Function: Data Modeling

E-Commerce Software - Accounting Business Software Product: Accounting Business Software

Company:  Business software
Description:Maker of business software systems launches keylogger software that displays last login and start session on main window with date and time.

Sector: E-Commerce Industry: Business Function: Billing

E-Commerce Software - files restore Product: files restore

Company:  windows restore
Description:Website offers file restore program for easily restoring corrupted files and folders.

Sector: E-Commerce Industry: E-Learning Function: Asset Management

Software for Small & medium Business (SME/SMB) Product: Recover Files
Company: Free Data Recovery Software

Sim card data recovery software supports all PC/SC standards or Phoenix standard to connect sim card with your PC.

Sector: Network & Security Industry: Technology Function: E-Commerce

barcode creator Product: barcode creator
Company: design barcode label
Description: Professional edition barcode maker tool design customized barcode label for all barcode application area.

Sector: E-Commerce Industry: Technology Function: Data Modeling

Photo recovery Product: sim card backup reader
Company: cell Phone Forensics
Description: Download sim card sms recovery software retrieves all lost text messages and phone book contact numbers from GSM mobile phone sim cards

Sector: Sales & Marketing Industry: Business Function: E-Commerce

recover deleted sms from sim card Product: Password Crackers
Company: Password Cracking
Description: Internet explorer password restoration tool gets back lost asterisk password characters for different email accounts including Yahoo, Gmail, Orkut and Hotmail etc.

Sector: E-Commerce Industry: Business Function: Data Mining

recover deleted sms from sim card Product: recover deleted sms from sim card
Company: mobile phone sms recovery
Description: 3G compatible Sim card recovery software is specially designed for recovery of deleted phone book details from inaccessible Cell phone Sim card memory.

Sector: E-Commerce Industry: Business Function: Customer Relationship Management

Keylogger Monitor Product: Keylogger Monitor
Company: Computer Monitoring Software
We provide free recorder monitoring software that secretly records pressed keystrokes in a log file.

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Usb Memory Stick File Recover Product: Usb Memory Stick File Recovery
Company: Memory stick data recovery
Description: We provide photo recovery software to rescue pictures and images deleted due to human error.

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Content Management Software - Msn Messenger Password Finder Product: Msn Messenger Password Finder
Company: Password Recovery tools
Description: Download internet explorer password recovery utility which is capable to restore all forgotten Email account, Online shopping account, News account, passwords instantly.

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Accounting Software - manageME7 Product: manageME7
Company: manageME7
Description: manageME7 acts as a mini accounting software that helps in providing a convenient money management solution to students, professionals, homemakers and to everyone who want to manage their day-to-day income and expenditure more effectively.

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E-Commerce Software - Partition Recovery Product: Partition Recovery
Company: Partition Recovery Software
Description: Advanced Window data retrieval application recovers data even when MBR (Master Boot Record) or root directory is corrupted.

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File recovery software Product: file recovery
Company: File recovery software
Pen drive data recovery software recovers all type of files and folders including pictures, audio, video songs, digital image and pictures.

Sector: Sales & Marketing Industry: E-Commerce
Function: Education
Email Id: drecs@ddiitt.com

Microsoft Dynamics GP- Small Business Software Product: Microsoft Dynamics GP -
Financial Management Software

Company: Microsoft Dynamics
Description: Microsoft Dynamics™ GP is a scalable business management solution that helps SMBs get up and running, while maximizing productivity. Robust financial and operational functionality, inc. business intelligence, reporting, budgeting & forecasting, adapt to your dynamic business needs.

Sector: E-Commerce Industry: Business Function:  ERP Software

Price: $20,000 - $250,000

Contact Details: Not Available.

Email Id: Not Available

Quick Book Enterprise Solutions - Small Business Software Product: QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions - Features Software
Company: QuickBooks Enterprise

Description: At an unbeatable value, Enterprise Solutions delivers the advanced functionality your business needs with ease of use your employees will welcome. Extensive training resources make Enterprise Solutions as easy to learn as it is to use.

Sector: E-Commerce Industry: Business Function:  ERP Software

Price: $3500

Contact Details: Not Available

Email Id: enterprisesuite.intuit.com

Sage MAS 90 - Small Business Software Product: Sage MAS 90 Small Business Software
Company: Sage Mas
Description: Sage MAS 90 and 200 systems offer a broad selection of feature-rich solutions including core accounting, business intelligence tools, customer relationship management, e-commerce, HR and payroll, manufacturing, and distribution. Sage MAS 90 and 200 work the way you do with flexibility that enables you to choose the modules that best suit your business needs.

Sector: E-Commerce Industry: Business Function:  ERP Software

Price: $3,000 - $10,000

Contact Details: Sage MAS 90, MAS 200, and MAS 500, 56 Technology Drive, Irvine, California 92618-2301.

Email Id: productinformation.na@sage.com

Maximizer Software - Small Business Software Product: Sales Force
Automation Software

Company: Maximizer Software Inc
Description: Sales Force Automation (SFA) with Maximizer CRM helps sales executives and sales teams meet and exceed revenue targets, and build profitable relationships for long-term success. Centralize information from multiple sources (paper, spreadsheets, Outlook), into one, convenient, action-oriented workspace – whether accessing Maximizer CRM through a mobile device, on-line, or in the office. Maximizer CRM makes it easy to manage accounts, collaborate on sales opportunities, and accurately forecast sales.

Sector: E-Commerce Industry: Business Function:  CRM Software

Price: $229/user

Contact Details: Maximizer Software Inc., 1090 West Pender Street-10th Floor, Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Email Id: www.maximizer.com

Net Suite small business - Small Business Software Product: Net Suite small business
Company: NetSuite
Description: Complete set of modules for the entire small business - Financials, CRM, Human Resources and more. Access through an internet connection and a browser means you can manage your business virtually anywhere. Use the powerful Oracle database system to run your entire small business. Software is accessed via the internet as an ASP application.

Sector: E-Commerce Industry: Business Function:  ERP Software

Price: $99/ user/ month

Contact Details: Corporate Headquarters: 2955 Campus Drive, Suite 100, San Mateo, CA 94403-2511, United States .

Email Id: info@netsuite.com

Everest Advanced - Small Business Software Product: Everest Advanced
Company: Everest Software, Inc
Description: Everest Software , Inc "all-in-one" business management solution enables information sharing between the store front and the back office--in real time! This provides an unparalleled view of your business. Because Everest is a fully-integrated product, there's no need to re-key information in multiple applications which avoids costly errors. See how Everest Advanced can streamline and improve all of your business operations. Everest Advanced runs on MS SQL, the database platform most often used by small businesses. Everest's hosted software offering is operated through, Equinix, a leading data center.

Sector: E-Commerce Industry: Business Function:  ERP Software

Price: $15000

Contact Details: 21631 Ridgetop Circle, Suite 100, Dulles, VA 20166.

Email Id: info@everestsoftwareinc.com

Taleo Business Edition Solutions - Reporting & Analysis Software - Small Business Software Product: Reporting & Analysis Software
Company: Taleo Business
Edition Solutions

Description: Taleo Reporting and Analytics™ provides visibility into recruiting and performance management, and the power to combine the data for new insights into your talent processes. A unique role-based dashboard running on the advanced platform allows to make decisions in real time, not after the fact. High-performance architecture and relevant content combine to give a powerful yet intuitive new way to measure, analyze and optimize talent management.

Sector: E-Commerce Industry: Business Function:  ERP Software

Price: $99/month

Contact Details: Not Available

Email Id: www.taleo.com

M1 - Manufacturing / ERP Software Product: Made2Manage -
Strategic Decisions

Company: Made2Manage
Description: Made2Manage ERP provides high quality, easy-to-use software and services that enable our small and midsize manufacturing customers to achieve continuous business process improvements. The technology infrastructure of the Made2Manage Enterprise Business System, known as the M2M Foundation, has been built at every level using Microsoft technology, such as Visual Basic for Applications and the Microsoft .NET platform

Sector: E-Commerce Industry: Business Function:  ERP Software

Price: $20,000 - $300,000+

Contact Details: Corporate Headquarters:  Suite 27, 799 Springvale Road, Mulgrave, VIC 3170.

Email Id: info@bowen-groves.com

Sage Accpac ERP  - Small Business Software Product: Sage Accpac - Sage Accpac 100 ERP
Company: Sage Accpac ERP
Description: Sage Accpac ERP is the foundation for a completely integrated set of end-to-end business management applications. Sage Accpac 100 ERP Software: Sage Accpac ERP is the foundation for a completely integrated set of end-to-end business management applications.

Sector: E-commerce Industry: Business Function:  ERP Software

Price: $2,000 - $100,000

Contact Details: 6700 Koll Center Parkway, Third Floor Pleasanton, California 94566.

Email Id: info@made2manage.com

M1 - Manufacturing / ERP Software Product: M1 by B&G
Company: Bowen & Groves
Description: M1 by B&G™ is an ERP software system designed for small to medium manufacturers including job shops, custom and mixed mode manufacturers and make to order manufacturers. M1 by B&G™ manufacturing software provides total integration and automation from quoting through invoicing and is capable of flexible and fully supported customisation that ensures your most valuable and unique business processes can be handled with ease.
Developed for Microsoft SQL Server and with a Microsoft Outlook, look and feel, M1 runs on Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista. This makes the software easy to run and maintain, making it the most cost effective solution. M1 with its unique smart screen technology and powerful integration tools is setting the standard in ERP software.

Sector: E-Commerce Industry: Manufacturing Function:  Procurement

Price: $4000 - $50000

Contact Details: Corporate Headquarters:  Suite 27, 799 Springvale Road, Mulgrave, VIC 3170.

Email Id: info@bowen-groves.com

Epicor - Manufacturing / ERP Software Product: Epicor
Company: Epicor
Description: Epicor is introducing a new approach to the way enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems are designed, built, and used. At the core of Epicor is an adaptable business architecture that satisfies the needs of any enterprise—Epicor will virtually put “ERP everywhere,” leveraging Web 2.0 concepts to provide users with a truly collaborative and dynamic enterprise business experience.

Sector: E-Commerce Industry: Manufacturing Function:  Procurement

Price: $4,000 - $500,000+

Contact Details: Epicor Software Corporation - Worldwide Headquarters, 18200 Von Karman Ave, Suite 1000, Irvine CA 92612 USA .

Email Id: epicweb@epicor.com

WinMAGI - Manufacturing / ERP Software Product: WinMAGI
Company: MAGI
Description: WinMAGI, is a world class manufacturing ERP system for small to mid-sized manufacturers.  It blends solid accounting and manufacturing practices in an easy to use and implement package.  Subjected to continuous critiquing and improvement, it is used in industries as diverse as consumer products, aerospace & defense, hazardous chemicals, food and beverage, furniture, computer imaging, plastic molding, electronics, automotive components, fishing tackle and others.  WinMAGI is used by small startup companies and divisions of Fortune 100 multi-national organizations.

Sector: E-Commerce Industry: Manufacturing Function:  Procurement

Price: $5,000 - $50,000

Contact Details: 4695 44th Street SE Suite B-130, Grand Rapids, Michigan 49512  USA .

Email Id: www.magimfg.com

OpenPro - Manufacturing / ERP Software Product: OpenPro
Company: openPro
Description: OpenPro is Web-based so you can access your data from anywhere; Open Source technology provides up to 85% cost savings; Rapid Implementation Method Server based zero Client footprint; deployable on any Server and any SQL database; designed for ease of use OpenPro Technology: OpenPro Easy ERP offers you the choice of a SQL, as well as the ability to run on Windows, Unix or Linux.

Sector: E-Commerce Industry: Manufacturing Function:  Procurement

Price: starts at $12,000

Contact Details: OpenPro, Inc., 10061 Talbert Ave #200, Fountain Valley, CA 92708 USA.

Email Id: infoop@openpro.com

Enterprise IQ - Manufacturing / ERP Software Product: EnterpriseIQ
Company: IQMS
Description: Designed with users in mind, IQMS strives to always provide the most up-to-date technology. From wireless capabilities to eCommerce and everything in between. IQMS always plans to the future.
IQMS goes beyond traditional ERP software systems by providing a real-time foundation for collaborative and ebusiness environments. From ensuring efficient and timely delivery of products to meeting the dynamic needs of customers and suppliers, IQMS brings it all together, seamlessly.

Sector: E-Commerce Industry: Manufacturing Function:  Procurement

Price: $32K and up. Modular to meet individual needs

Contact Details: Not Available

Email Id: www.iqms.com

SYSPRO Software - Manufacturing / ERP Software Product: SYSPRO Software
Company: SYSPRO
Description: SYSPRO is a leading supplier of fully integrated ERP software focused specifically on distributors and manufacturers. Built on Microsoft .NET technology, SYSPRO enterprise software meets the requirements of the extended enterprise. SYSPRO software is designed to leverage the strengths of Microsoft® solutions and other technologies to optimize the abilities of manufacturers (repetitive, custom, quick-turn and mixed mode) and distributors.

Sector: E-Commerce Industry: Manufacturing Function:  Procurement

Price: $50,000+

Contact Details: SYSPRO, 959 South Coast Drive, Suite 100, Costa Mesa, California 92626. USA

Email Id: www.syspro.com

Microsoft Dynamics AX - Manufacturing / ERP Software Product: Microsoft Dynamics AX
- Manufacturing

Company: Microsoft Dynamics AX
Description: Microsoft Dynamics AX helps your people manage manufacturing and a broad range of other business areas, minimizing the need for multiple systems. The manufacturing area helps your employees streamline production and minimize inventory-carrying costs, configure complex products, and manage your personnel, material, and data processing more effectively.

Sector: E-Commerce Industry: Manufacturing Function:  Procurement

Price: $100,000 - $300,000

Contact Details: Not Available

Email Id: Not Available

Ross Enterprise Software - Manufacturing / ERP Software Product: Ross Enterprise Software
Company: Ross Enterprise Technology
Description: The Ross solutions have been architected to satisfy the unique operating requirements of process manufacturers. The pre-built functionality and unique architecture in the Ross applications allow for rapid implementations, efficient maintenance, cost-effective upgrades and easy integration with external solutions.
Ross Enterprise's application suite is built upon an Internet-based technology foundation that provides easy adaptability to changing business models and communications platforms. Completely browser-based, the architecture of our Internet Application Framework leverages XML Web services to enable connectivity between the system and other internal and external enterprise systems, devices, people and processes.

Sector: E-Commerce Industry: Manufacturing Function:  Procurement

Price: $50,000 - $500,000

Contact Details: Ross Enterprise, Inc., Two Concourse Parkway , Suite 800 , Atlanta, GA 30328 , USA .

Email Id: cdcsoftwareinc.com

SAGE MAS 500 - Manufacturing / ERP Software Product: Sage MAS 500
Company: Sage
Description: Highly reliable, robust and integrated series of applications covering all areas of enterprise e-business. Sage MAS 500 is developed entirely with Microsoft tools. Sage MAS 500 - Advance Manufacturing Technology: Written in Microsoft .NET Visual Basic. MS-SQL Server is the underlying database.

Sector: E-Commerce Industry: Manufacturing Function:  Procurement

Price: $20 million to over $500 million

Contact Details: Sage MAS 90, MAS 200, and MAS 500, 56 Technology Drive, Irvine, California 92618-2301. USA

Email Id: productinformation.na@sage.com

Made2Manage- Manufacturing / ERP Software Product: Consona Made2Manage
/ Intuitive

Company: Made2Manage
Description: M2M ERP software module is a reliable, flexible and easy-to-use back-office platform that captures your data in one centralized system. By integrating your production processes into one database, M2M ERP software can execute all facets of your operations and provide you with the optimal ERP solution. M2M ERP allows you to automate all of your manufacturing processes, streamline operations, and be more responsive to your customers.

Sector: E-Commerce Industry: Manufacturing Function:  Procurement

Price: $20,000 - $300,000+

Contact Details: Made2Manage Headquarters, 450 East 96th Street, Suite 300, Indianapolis, IN 46240.

Email Id: info@made2manage.com

IFS Application Software - Manufacturing / ERP Software Product: IFS Applications Software
Company: IFS
Description: Business is easier with IFS Applications. Because it is truly component-based, companies can implement what they need, when they need it. IFS Applications offer business solutions that can be configured to meet the needs of rapidly changing industries facing challenges in an international marketplace.
IFS Applications is based on component architecture, the core of which is IFS Foundation1. This innovative architecture ensures top performance and maximum agility with extraordinary scalability. It features open interfaces and web services for extended connectivity and coexistence with other applications and continues to incorporate new emerging technologies.

Sector: E-Commerce Industry: Manufacturing Function:  Procurement

Price: $250,000+

Contact Details: $250,000+

Email Id: www.ifsworld.com

SAP Fast-Start Program Software - Manufacturing / ERP Software Product: SAP Fast-Start
Program Software

Company: SAP®
Description: New Fast-Start Program for SAP® Business All-in-One Provides Pre-Configured Offerings with Easy Online Configuration to Deliver Rapid Business Results and Lower TCO
Based on the state-of-the-art SAP® ERP application, the SAP Business All-in-One solution will easily scale to customers’ changing business needs.

Sector: E-Commerce Industry: Manufacturing Function:  Procurement

Price: Not Available

Contact Details: SAP Andina y del Caribe C.A., Calle 114 # 9-45, Torre B, Oficina 1401, Teleport Business Park, Bogotá D.C. Colombia. USA

Email Id: www.sap.com

Exach Globe - Manufacturing / ERP Software Product: Exact Globe,
Batch 390 Software

Company: Exact Globe
Description: Real-time GL with true multi-currency capabilities. Inventory information is real-time, along with Sales and Purchasing. Sales and Purchase Orders have built-in, visual workflow capabilities with embedded document management as a core to the application. Exact Globe is based on Microsoft technologies, using MS-SQL 2005 as the database, with integration to MS-Office 2007 to extend the document management capabilities.

Sector: E-Commerce Industry: Manufacturing Function:  Procurement

Price: Not Available

Contact Details: 7701 York Avenue South, Suite 350 , 55435-5832, Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States of America.

Email Id: us115sr@exactsoftware.com

DBA Software - Manufacturing / ERP Software Product: DBA Manufacturing Software
Company: DBA
Description: DBA is the alternative to over-complicated ERP systems. Designed for self-implementation, DBA offers the same set of core functions, but without the excessive complexity that makes ERP systems so difficult to learn, use and get implemented.

Sector: E-Commerce Industry: Manufacturing Function:  Procurement

Price: $1,995 - $14,995

Contact Details: DBA Software Inc., 3522 El Camino Real, Atascadero, CA 93422.

Email Id: support@dbasoftware.com

MicroSoft Dynamics NAV - Manufacturing / ERP Software Product: Microsoft Dynamics NAV
- Supply Chain Management

Company: Microsoft Dynamics
Description: Integrated financial, operations, customer, distribution, and e-commerce data into a streamlined, comprehensive solution for growing mid-sized businesses. Easy to use (Fast), maintain and very customizable. Strong international system and excellent for manufacturing. Supply Chain Management Technology: Written in C/SIDE. Microsoft SQL Server or Navision Database. C/Front .NET and XML allow for greater integration with external applications.

Sector: E-Commerce Industry: Manufacturing Function:  Procurement

Price: $3,000 - $100,000+

Contact Details: Not Available.

Email Id: Not Available

Interprise Suite 2007 - Inventory - Manufacturing / ERP Software Product: Interprise Suite 2007
- Inventory

Company: Interprise Solutions
Description: Interprise Solutions platform-driven .Net business solution provides businesses with a comprehensive view of their customers through ERP, CRM, accounting, point of sale, and e-commerce in a single, fully integrated application. Inventory Technology: Using a Services Oriented Architectures and built on Microsoft .NET technology, Interprise Suite is a Smart Client application that can be easily integrated with other business applications and systems and accessed via the Internet or LAN connection.

Sector: E-Commerce Industry: Manufacturing Function:  Procurement

Price: Starting at $2995 for a 3 user system

Contact Details: Los Angeles, CA, 18321 Ventura Boulevard, Suite #255, Tarzana, CA 91356.

Email Id: mdanderson@interprisesolutions.com

Epicor Enterprise - Epicor eCommerce Product: Epicor Enterprise - Epicor eCommerce
Company:  Epicor Software Corporation
Description: Epicor Enterprise provides comprehensive end-to-end and industry-specific solutions with advanced functionality and rapid deployment, enabling you to outflank your competition with more effective operations and world-class customer service. Epicor Enterprise - Epicor eCommerce Technology: Epicor Enterprise is architected to utilize Microsoft's leading platforms and technologies like the Microsoft.NET Framework,Microsoft SQL Server 2000 and Microsoft SharePoint that give a business maximum flexibility with minimum overhead.
                                                        Price: $20,000 - $500,000

Sector: Accounting & Finance Industry: Business Function: E-Commerce

Everest Advanced for SMBs - e-Commerce - Everest eStorefront Product: Everest Advanced for SMBs - e-Commerce - Everest eStorefront
Company:  Everest Software, Inc
Description: Everest eStorefront Software: Our "all-in-one" business management solution enables information sharing between the store front and the back office--in real time! This provides an unparalleled view of your business. Because Everest is a fully-integrated product, there's no need to re-key information in multiple applications which avoids costly errors. See how Everest Advanced can streamline and improve all of your business operations. Everest Advanced for SMBs - e-Commerce - Everest eStorefront Technology: Everest Advanced runs on MS SQL, the database platform most often used by small businesses. Everest's hosted software offering is operated through, Equinix, a leading data center.
                                                        Price: $15,000

Sector: Accounting & Finance Industry: Business Function: E-Commerce

Sage MAS 500 - eSalesforce Product: Everest Advanced for SMBs - e-Commerce - Everest eStorefront
Company:  The Sage Group plc
Description: Highly reliable, robust and integrated series of applications covering all areas of enterprise e-business. Sage MAS 500 is developed entirely with Microsoft tools. Sage MAS 500 - eSalesforce Technology: Written in Microsoft .NET Visual Basic. MS-SQL Server is the underlying database.
                                                        Price: $20 million to over $500 million

Sector: Accounting & Finance Industry: Business Function: E-Commerce

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