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InfraDesk - SaaS ITIL Service Desk Solution
As IT Service Management solution providers for over 15 years, we observed unnecessary costly upgrades, maintenance fees and additional resources being required to program and administer on-premise help desk solutions. As a result, we decided to do something about it by using our background in operations, both implementing and using service desk software tools, to create an web based help desk that encompasses a number of features to ensure the most efficient way to resolve issues without compromising quality.

Automated Workflows Remove manual steps, tasks, to-do’s from your analysts sensitive time while removing human error (it happens). The automated workflows built within InfraDesk enable you to control the movement of the ticket based on data, user roles and severity.

Easy Adoption InfraDesk is simple. Simple for you and your team and simple for your end users. This ensures that upon implementation, acceptance and global adoption is trouble-free. In fact, a majority of our clients have found divisions within their organization actively using InfraDesk to perform their tasks and manage projects.

Lower TCO our monthly pricing based on the size of your IT support staff (agents) allows you to predict what you are spending before you spend it. Removal of in-house infrastructure, reduction in administrative resources and coders all allow for reduction in costs which means you have more flexibility within your budget to make other purchases.

Fastest Time to Production because the application is delivered over the web, you are up and running in weeks instead of months. This helps the transition from one application to another and doesn’t tie up your team for more time.

Operationally Experienced Engineers on Your Side We have implemented help desks, consulted on help desks and run a help desk to support our Managed Services clients – what more could you ask for in a partner? Throughout our relationship, we keep You in mind 24/7/365.

Secure Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Platform SaaS delivery model means you won’t have to invest in the acquisition and support of the infrastructure required to run this application. SaaS enables you to immediately lower the cost of infrastructure.

ITIL Practitioner Approved As leaders in ITSM solutions, we observed the shift to ITIL 1990s and developed programs, both online and classroom, to address the need. ITIL continues to be valued as a best practice and directly assists in ensuring their are policies and procedures in place to comply with regulations set by the government and within the organization. InfraDesk includes a complete ITIL module suite that provides the assurance that your support processes are based on industry proven best practices. The unique combination of ITIL processes and auto-based routing directly assist with audits which means your team can provide the highest level of support while allowing the application to manage the workflow.

Implementation Setup and Support Our approach to setup and support is designed to help you rapidly get up and running with your instance of InfraDesk. This includes dedicated hours of services for training and setup based on your personal requirements. Hands-on training, pre-built workflows and bi-directional email setup is including in the implementation process which takes days, not months or years.

A Partner Approach Unlike on-premise applications that will typically sell you the solution and walk away, we believe in having and maintaining true partnerships with our clients to ensure you receive the highest level of support while maximizing your return on investment with our web based help desk solution. Therefore, we take a partner approach to actively prepare you to reach your goals and initiatives as they relate to your service desk environment and the business in which you are supporting.

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