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Keylogger, sometimes called keystroke logger tool, is designed to record everything users type on your computer system when you are away. Key stroke recorder software records each keyboard keystroke whether it may be typed URLs, e-mail IDs, lost passwords, chat messaging and other online/offline user activities in complete hidden mode. Data Doctor's invisible key logger program provides the facility to save recorded data in encrypted log file, which is automatically mailed to user specified e-mail address.

Easy to use KeyLogger monitoring program runs in hidden mode and secretly records user activities without providing any knowledge about the software installation to external users. Undetectable stealth key logger application is password protected and does not appear in Desktop items, Program files and even hides the software installation path. Best keystroke recording utility is widely used by both regular and IT security specialists, to provide smart PC monitoring tool. Powerful computer monitoring surveillance software easily monitors Desktop/Laptop keyboard activities by other users performed in your absence.

Monitoring Features:

  • Secretly records every keystroke: Keylogger software secretly records every typed keyboard keystroke and internet offline/online activities on the computer system in your absence.
  • Website recording: Continuously monitors every web page accessed along with typed websites addresses.

Sector: Application Development Industry: Technology Function: Security Scheduling

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