Software Buying Tips & Advice for Small to Medium
        Businesses (SMBs / SMEs)

Buying a software application for a small business can be a tricky proposition. There are so many factors to be considered before buying a software: does the application meet current and future needs?

Will the software be compatible with existing systems, software and hardware? What kind of software training and skillsets will be required to operate the software effectively and efficiently?

Of course, one of the most important questions when it comes to purchasing for a small business is: how much does it cost and what is the ROI that one can expect? We hope the articles here will provide invaluable software buying tips and advice, specificaly for small businesses-- right from evaluating software products to effectively using them to get the best value for money.

Singapore-based ERP company taps the Indian SME market
One of the major enterprise resourcing planning (ERP) technology providers, FACT Software has signed four strategic channel partners as a part of its national expansion plan.

Xero accounting software releases ReportPacts
"The release of Report Packs in Xero means for the first time we can do both client accounting and our own reporting on a single platform. This is a big leap forward from the desktop era, when we had to pay a lot of money for our own separate software to write reports," says Xero accounting partner Lisa Callaghan.

LifeSize empowers Indian SMEs with all-in-one HD video conferencing solutions
LifeSize, a division of Logitech, has launched all-in-one HD video conferencing solutions for companies of all sizes. It is simple to setup and are easy to use. Hence, SMEs can benefit of HD telepresence without spending heftily on the infrastructure.

Gartner Forecast: Green IT and sustainability spending in India expected to double to $70 billion by 2015
According to Gartner’s new report, Hype Cycle for Green IT and Sustainability in India, 2012, green IT and sustainability initiatives are an emerging trend in India and will double up by 2015. In 2010, the spending was $35 billion and this is expected to rise to $70 billion in 2015. The total green IT and sustainability spending is expected to be $45 billion in 2012.

Global application development software market to exceed $9 billion in 2012, says Gartner
Gartner's new report highlights a 1.8% y/y growth in the global application development (AD) software market in 2012. It is expected to cross $9 billion in 2012 riding high on evolving software delivery models, emerging mobile apps, new development methodologies and open source software.

Data protection – A big challenge for Indian SMEs
According to industry experts, one of the big challenges for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in India is data security. A survey by Deloitte states that privacy incidents and breaches demanding customer notification often occurred in organizations. According to the survey results, more than 35% respondents faced 6-10 privacy incidents while over 43% experienced about 10 incidents in a period of one year.

GlobalOutlook plans to launch Lync 2010 for Indian SMEs
GlobalOutlook, a licensed provider of hosted Microsoft Exchange services, based in Bangalore, is assessing opportunities to make available Microsoft Lync 2010 to Indian SMEs IT support is vital for the growth of Indian SMEs
In an exclusive chat with SME Times, Lizu Mishra, Director, Business Software Alliance (BSA) India, stated that without vigorous software and IT development in India, SMEs would not be able to scale up their business. This may turn them uncompetitive and obsolete.

Use of Cloud computing among Indian SMEs on a rise
The small and medium enterprises in India have started to use cloud services despite of the innumerable challenges that prevents them from fully capitalizing the economic benefits of the cloud, according to the industry experts.

Gartner Forcast : India’s enterprise software market expected to be the world’s third fastest growing by 2016
Gartner’s new research highlights the growth prospects of the India’s enterprise software market despite a troublesome economy. According to the research, the market may rise by 13% in 2012, recording a revenue of USD 3.22 billion. The report clearly puts forward that India’s enterprise software market would continue to rise strongly, at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 13.6 per cent from 2009 to 2016. This is expected to be the third highest jump in the world.

SME’s disaster readiness linked to cloud computing & virtualization
Symantec’s recent SMB Disaster Preparedness Survey highlights that the small and medium-sized enterprises’ disaster management is chiefly related to implementing technologies, such as cloud computing, virtualization as well as mobility.

The survey report shows that around 40% of SME’s are installing or have already implemented public clouds, 43% are enforcing private clouds, whereas more than one third of them are making use of mobile devices as well as virtualizing servers. This simply means that SMEs are eager to accept these technologies to safeguard their downfall.

Cloud-based business intelligence services in 2012
According to Gartner, an information technology research and advisory company, about a third of organizations are using or would use cloud offerings to augment business intelligence capabilities.

Relevance of ERP system for SMEs
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is specially designed system that assists businesses to function efficiently with the help of a fully integrated business computer structure. The system incorporates all the internal as well as external management data from the entire organization, including finance, manufacturing, sales and customer relationship management, among others. The ERP system automates this activity with the help of an integrated software application.

Tips to choose best data backup system for SMEs
Data backup and recovery system was seen as a topic that only concerned the big corporate firms. This was the scenario long ago, in today’s age, no matter the size of your business, it is important to have a backup system in place to secure and store the date in a safe manner. If you are a small-medium enterprise that stores business or client data on a computer, then you should wake up to the importance of the right data backup system for a smooth operation. According to SME experts, selecting the best data backup system should be the priority for a business owner just like finding a bank or accountant.

Document software purchases in a challenging economy
As more and more companies look to save money in today’s tenuous economy, it makes sense to document and shop more carefully for your office software needs.
With no end in sight to the challenged economy, your small business is wise to be more creative and cautious with the dollars given to software needs. The bottom line is that you have to avoid investing in products that may not provide you a good return on your investment.

Make the right calls when acquiring HR software
If your business is looking to acquire the right human resources software that is effective and saves money, then plan on doing your research so you have a number of options to choose from.

How cloud-based software can help your call center
We've all heard about the cloud, but how many of us have actually operated business in it? There are definitely advantages to having lean business operations, but what are they? Cloud Computing is a system in which all applications and information are managed in a virtual environment. Whether you are sharing documents or interacting on a Hosted VoIP system, the cloud poses a lot of advantages for both small and large call centers.

How to determine the right payroll solution for business needs
A common misconception is that only larger companies need to spend money for outside assistance in processing payroll. However, several small business owners are finding that implementing outsourced payroll services is surprisingly, cost effective.

X-3100 -the newest upgradeable version of Ambient's X-series smart grid node
Ambient Corporation is well known for designing, developing and marketing communication technologies and equipments

Buying a CRM for Small Businesses
CRM software is a system that is helpful to all businesses in organizing all the information associated with their clients. The objective of CRM is to collect that information, analyze it, and make it available to all departments

E-commerce - a necessity to deal with online business
Times have changed along with the rapid advancement in technology. No business seems to run without introducing new techniques and strategies in order to rise above their contenders. And presently, there is a new way to promote the services and goods of the company; E-commerce. It also keeps them connected with their customers 24*7.

Enquiry Management Software -- give a try to EQMS
Being a public organization that serves people and offers services to help them, it is quite natural to have enquiries regarding what you do, what you sell, etc. While running an office, you must be making payments to a certain number of people including your employees. In order to keep a check on various payments made or to be aware of the latest enquiry, you must store them in a record.

What to look for in a content management system ?
Content Management System (CMS) is today one of the most powerful internet tools in the market. It is possibly a valuable choice made by many developers in view of the fact that it helps in building websites easier and faster.

Choosing the right payroll software for small businesses
With the rising popularity and efficiency of payroll software, it is believed that using one can save time spent on payroll by 60%. And, with the growing needs of your business, maintaining financial records as organized as possible must be aggravating. If you face payroll hassles in your business that only result in wastage of time and money then you need a payroll software ASAP!

Adwords Spy Software Buying Tips
Adwords spy software has taken the internet by storm recently. Similar product is released almost every month. Some are costing buyers $1000's of money. As a consumer and an Adwords advertiser, do you want to know how to buy a great Adwords spy software which not only makes you more money but also costs you a lot less. Of course you do?

Buying an Auction Software - Make your online auctions easier to manage
The popularity of auction sites like eBay has grown steadily such that some people now sell in the and use their profits as their main source of income. Unlike casual sellers or buyers on the site, these individuals constantly list, sell or pack products for the website. If you a serious eBay user just like them, then you can benefit a lot from using an auction software to help you organize your online auction store activities.

Buying Forex Trading Software ? Top Tips For Finding the Best
FOREX Trading Software has made it easier to make a profit in the FOREX markets. This software effectively compares different currencies in their respective markets. It allows FOREX traders to carry out business 24 hours a day.

TomTom GPS Software - A buying Guide
Most of us have heard about GPS systems, but don't know a lot about the various brands, like Garmin, Navman, or Tomtom GPS software. The latter provides GPS solutions for a wide number of applications, including navigation in your car, on a motorcycle, from your phone or PDA or at the office.

25 tips for buying the right Doctor's Office Software
While there may be a few medical practices out there that defiantly cling to their old-school ways and keep a paper appointment book and a schedule pegboard on the wall, the vast majority of doctor's offices now use some sort of practice management software to run their office. Since practice management software has been around for a long time and many offices are still using software that's 10 years or more old, many are unhappy with the features and performance of their systems. For those of you who are on the market to change or upgrade your practice management software, here are 25 tips for making the right choice.

10 essential steps to choose the right accounting software package for your business
Accounting software is supposed to make it easier to run your business, but too often it is a source of frustration and expense. The proper program will help you manage cash flow, analyze sales and improve efficiency while the wrong program can throw your financial records into a tailspin that will cost you both productivity and money to recover from. Therefore, it is important to select the right accounting software package from the hundreds of products available. Here is a simple 10-step guide to buy the right product that meets your needs perfectly without costing you a fortune.

Importance of Supply Chain Management in Modern Businesses
Supply Chain Management (SCM) as defined by Tom McGuffog is "Maximising added value and reducing total cost across the entire trading process through focusing on speed and certainty of response to the market." Due to globalization and ICT, SCM has become a tool for companies to compete effectively either at a local level or at a global scale. SCM has become a necessity especially for manufacturing industry when it comes to deliver products at a competitive cost and at a higher quality than their competitors.

The Five Requirements of an Adaptive ERP
ERP solutions have also undergone multiple metamorphoses over the last few decades. They have adapted to the changing customer requirements and evolved over a period of time. Along the journey, there have been a lot of players who couldn't survive the onslaught of their own competitive environment and have either been acquired or perished.

IPlanning For the Future of Your IT Infrastructure - Notes From Interop Conference
A typical data center or room full of servers should be built correctly and build to last for at least 7 to 10 years in order to be truly effective. These servers should have the capability of accommodating a minimum of ten GB (gigabits) of data. Still, with the growing demand on bandwidth, planning technology should prepare for a need of 100 GB to run efficiently. Another common concern is the need for cooling and power in the server room. For example, the IT staff at Google spends more on electricity for cooling their rooms every year than the cost of the servers within the data centers.

POS - Point of Sale Explained
The term point-of-sale is used to describe a variety of things. This can include the checkout counter in a store or a place where transactions occur. More frequently, the phrase refers to a computerized cash register. The commonly used abbreviation for point-of-sale is POS. Each letter in the abbreviation is pronounced individually (e.g. P-O-S) versus pronouncing the abbreviation itself (e.g. paws).

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