SME’s disaster readiness linked to cloud computing & virtualization

Symantec’s recent SMB Disaster Preparedness Survey highlights that the small and medium-sized enterprises’ disaster management is chiefly related to implementing technologies, such as cloud computing, virtualization as well as mobility.

The survey report shows that around 40% of SME’s are installing or have already implemented public clouds, 43% are enforcing private clouds, whereas more than one third of them are making use of mobile devices as well as virtualizing servers. This simply means that SMEs are eager to accept these technologies to safeguard their downfall.

Till date, SMEs were considered to be less bothered about matters related to data protection or disaster management. Surprisingly, the implementation of these technologies has actually increased the disaster preparedness of SMBs, as per the responses in the survey.

In short, their desire to improve disaster readiness has a great deal of impact on their decision to shift on to cloud computing and implementation of virtualization.

Steve Cullen, Symantec’s senior VP of worldwide marketing for SME and cloud quoted, “Technologies such as virtualization, cloud computing and mobility, combined with a sound plan and comprehensive security and data protection solutions, enable SMEs to better prepare for and quickly recover from potential disasters such as floods or fires, as well as lost or stolen mobile devices and laptops.”

Symantec's director of SMB product marketing, Monica Girolami also added that “We wanted to see how trends, virtualization, cloud and mobility were affecting the perception and need for disaster preparedness in the SME. SMEs have a reputation for being less vigilant. But what Symantec found shows that this trend is clearly changing. SMEs are seeing the importance in complementing these technologies with the proper backup needed to support the company infrastructure.”

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