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How cloud-based software can help your call center
We've all heard about the cloud, but how many of us have actually operated business in it? There are definitely advantages to having lean business operations, but what are they? Cloud Computing is a system in which all applications and information are managed in a virtual environment. Whether you are sharing documents or interacting on a Hosted VoIP system, the cloud poses a lot of advantages for both small and large call centers.

Operating your call center in the cloud simplifies your operations while creating flexibility for additional features. Call center routing and CRM are two advantages to operating in the cloud. Cloud technology paired with computer telephony integration gives more power to your agents. Inbound call centers are able to implement a feature to receive "screen pops" with customer history data each call, empowering your agents by better preparing them to offer up-selling and cross-selling opportunities.

Creating a competitive advantage
A large advantage of moving to the cloud is that many businesses haven't discovered the benefits of using cloud technology in their call centers. Businesses that don't use cloud and VoIP technology are missing out on an opportunity to capture customer loyalty by empowering their call center agents. A Condado Group Study reports, "only 8% of respondents stated that agents fully understood how a caller's household fitted together economically, which would allow an agent to suggest suitable cross-selling and up-selling initiatives." Since not many companies employ agents who understand their caller's needs, your business can create a customer service competitive advantage with a flexible, cloud based CRM and communications system. The contact center of your business should be fitted with a flexible solution to work in tandem with your agents.

Employees are happier and more efficient
Your business will be able to simplify some aspects of a call center agent's job. Routing specific calls to specialized agents, will improve efficiency and empower an agent. A great deal of time is lost training sales and customer service representatives, when that time can be spent specializing in certain business processes. For instance, your call center software could route inbound returns, sales inquiries, and general inquiries.

If your business supports it, cloud based software also lets employees work from home. They are able to login to their proprietary software from any location giving your business more flexible scheduling hours.

Improving customer service
Call center customer service quality can be highly monitored; with cloud-based solutions you are able to track inbound and outbound call center activity, and even view and manage the customer engagement process. From an employee perspective, agents are always looking for quicker, lighter solutions to provide customers with the right answers. Customers now anticipate inbound call center representatives to have the right information on phone calls. Cloud-based call center software eases the transition between customer information and call center operations by proving them with real-time data to make informed cross-selling, up selling and customer service initiatives.

So when assessing the move to a cloud, keep in mind:

  • Scalability
  • Call Center Agent's Information
  • Minimal Infrastructure
  • Exchange of Information Through One Interface

So, now is your chance to jump on an opportunity to create and foster customer lifetime value by using CRM tools and cloud communication applications.

Matt Krautstrunk is an expert writer on inbound call centers, based in San Diego, California. Educated at the University of Illinois at Chicago, he has an eye for new and emerging trends in the business world. He writes extensively for an online resource that provides expert advice on purchasing and outsourcing decisions for small business owners and entrepreneurs such as call center services at Resource Nation. You can also find him writing for the Resource Nation Blog, touching on topics that range from small business technology to startup tips.

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