IT support is vital for the growth of Indian SMEs

In an exclusive chat with SME Times, Lizu Mishra, Director, Business Software Alliance (BSA) India, stated that without vigorous software and IT development in India, SMEs would not be able to scale up their business. This may turn them uncompetitive and obsolete.

When asked about her view on the requirement of IT services and products among SMEs, she stated that the SME sector is the most important chapter of India’s growth story. With better tools and excellent skills about handling technology, and government’s cooperation, we will be able to take SME sector on a peak in the coming years.

Merging with big companies that offer cloud services, cloud incubation, and learning centers, will be a great idea to inculcate IT skills in the SMEs. Many technological solutions by the IT department of the government of India are specifically designed keeping in view the SME sector. In the cloud services, many organizations focus their services and applications for the SME segment.

On the current state of SME sector, she said that SMEs should attend as many seminars as they can for the better understanding of technological processes. It is vital for Indian SMEs to get a thorough knowledge on IT applications. Liz Mishra emphasized on the importance of technology stating that SMEs from the initial phase need to invest in strong technology. These enterprises should explore all types of technologies creeping into the market.

When asked about government’s initiatives for boosting communication and IT advancement, she said:

One of the very good initiatives that the government has taken up is ‘The National Broadband plan’. While India’s broadband infrastructure needs acceleration, the information and communication technology is growing pervasively. Apart from this, to protect innovation and see the country’s ICT sector invest in new IPR and new product, a stronger IP enforcement regime is required. Educating the SME segment and higher education on the use of different technology platforms and applications should be prioritized. This will increase the productivity, scale up the businesses, and thus add to the ICT sector’s growth.

Adapted from an article published in SME Times

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