Materials Requirements Planning (MRP) Software for   Small Business (SMB / SME)

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Company:  Spy Keylogger
Description:Best key logger Software secretly records all computer and internet activity remotely. Keylogger allows you to secretly record all users activities such as web sites visited, Yahoo Messenger, emails, every key pressed.

Sector: Sales & Marketing Industry: Business Function: Data Modeling

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Company:  Download Data Recovery
Description:Download disk Partition recovery software are very easy and efficient in use and any native user easily can use them without the help of experts.

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Company: cell Phone Forensics
Description: Download sim card sms recovery software retrieves all lost text messages and phone book contact numbers from GSM mobile phone sim cards

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Company: Photo Recovery Freeware
Description: Creator of picture restoration software provides an easy way to restore deleted pictures from inaccessible multimedia memory card.

Sector: Sales & Marketing Industry: Business Function: Security

Software for Small & medium Business (SME/SMB) Product: Free Sms Gateway

Company: Send Free Sms

Description: Creators of business sms marketing application that helps users to send unlimited text messages to any mobile network in cost effective manner.

Sector: Sales & Marketing Industry: Telecommunications Function: Facilities Management

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Company: recovery data

Website offers best file recovery software which is capable of restoring data lost due to accidental formatting or intentional file/folder deletion

Sector: Sales & Marketing Industry: Business Function: Data Mining

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Company: Mobile phone text messaging
Description: Bulk SMS text messaging software suite sends unlimited text messages of any length and complexity.

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Company: Lava Ip International Pte Ltd
Description: International reseller services for IT and Software companies.

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File recovery software Product: file recovery
Company: File recovery software
Pen drive data recovery software recovers all type of files and folders including pictures, audio, video songs, digital image and pictures.

Sector: Sales & Marketing Industry: E-Commerce
Function: Education
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LAMAR Software, Inc. Product: Info.Net
Company: LAMAR Software, Inc.
LAMAR Software is an Information Systems Developer and Application Service Provider offering a web based business system to manufacturing, service and distribution companies. LAMAR Software has developed a complete business information system called Info.Net. It can be deployed as your corporate information system or used to enhance your current information system.

Sector: Sales & Marketing Industry: Business
Function: Enterprise Resource Planning

mySales Product: mySales
Company: Mysales Software Services
Web based Sales Application for SME and SOHO users.

Sector: Sales & Marketing Industry: Business
                                                Function: Customer Relationship Management

Business Writing Software Product: WhiteSmoke – Business Writing Software
Company: WhiteSmoke Inc.
Products from WhiteSmoke help you in improving your English writing skills. Based on patented natural language processing (NLP) technology, WhiteSmoke performs advanced and context-based English grammar, spelling, and punctuation checking, as well as text enrichment to enhance your writing skills. The products from WhiteSmoke help individuals as well as corporate firms to improvise the writing skills. Different products from WhiteSmoke cover areas like General Writing, Business Writing, Creative Writing, Executive Writing, Legal Writing, Biotech Writing & Multi-Language translator.

Sector: Sales & Marketing Industry: Business Function: Business Writing software

Software for Small & medium Business (SME/SMB) Product: S2K Enterprise
Company:  VAI - Vormittag Associates Inc.
Managing sufficient material levels is one of & the most critical and time-consuming aspects of manufacturing. S2K Enterprise for Manufacturing's Material Requirement Planning (MRP) software module eliminates purchasing and scheduling problems and speeds up the work process. This powerful yet easy to use application helps purchasing and production managers analyze current and future material and distribution requirements and enables more effective planning.

Sector: Data Management Industry: Business Function: Materials Requirements Planning

Software for Small & medium Business (SME/SMB) Product: VISUAL Enterprise’s Company:  Infor Global Solutions
VISUAL Enterprise’s Material Requirements Planning uses the additional benefits of MRP which uses feedback from your shop floor on how work has progressed to date, which helps you determine the appropriate updates to the next run. Using the MRP II software, you can integrate forecasts, master schedule items, sales orders, and firm planned orders for MRP processing. You can generate MRP by independent warehouses, viewing supply and demand separately in each warehouse.

Sector: Data Management Industry: Business Function: Materials Requirements Planning

Software for Small & medium Business (SME/SMB) Product:
Company:  LAMAR Software, Inc.
Manage the entire business cycle of a mid-sized manufacturing and distribution company with Info.Net’s fully customizable applications and completely web-based architecture. Work in a real-time environment of information exchange with customers and supply chain partners—integrating financial accounting, inventory control, planning, purchasing and production. Info.Net can help you increase efficiency, shorten business cycles and manage information across the extended supply chain. Online demonstration available at our website.

Sector: Data Management Industry: Business Function: Materials Requirements Planning

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