recovery data ipod

recovery data ipod
Product: recovery data ipod

Company: recovery data

Description:Website offers best file recovery software which is capable of restoring data lost due to accidental formatting or intentional file/folder deletion

iPod data recovery software is a complete solution to rescue and restore missing music files and folders from popularly known Apple iPod music devices and other similar music device players in accurate manner. iPod music file recovery software undelete deleted digital files (such as mp3, video, audio, songs, pictures, snapshots, images) after:

  • Virus attack
  • System fault
  • Frozen iPod files
  • Logically crashed music player
  • Software/Hardware malfunctioning
  • Improper usage
  • Data loss during transferring files using iTunes software

Data has been lost due to above mentioned reasons but you can easily recover missing mp3 files/folders by using our best and powerful iPod Data Recovery Software. Music file revival application program regains data even if Windows OS does not support the iPod media device. Easy to use iPod music retrieval software provides windows explorer interface and does not require any special technical skills to operate it.

Software features:

  • Restore missing music files and folders from Apple iPod model and other equivalent music players.
  • Revive accidentally deleted or erased digital files (such as aac, mp3, wav, bmp, jpeg, mpeg4 and others file formats) from logically formatted music media player.
  • Support Apple iPod devices including iPod Nano, iPod Mini, iPod Classic, iPod Touch, iPod Hi-Fi, iPod Shuffle and many more with major data storage capacity drives.
  • iPod data recovery software provides facility to save recovered data at user specified location.
  • Provide Windows Explorer wizard style interface.
  • iPod Data Recovery Software facilitate with systematic help manual for user's assist.

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