Data Modeling Tools & Software

E-Commerce Software - Web Design India Product: Web Design India

Company:  Search Engine Optimization offers experienced Indian website designer and seo marketing services provides keyword rich content is extremely vital for securing and maintaining high ranking positions, getting relevant search engine traffic and expanded profit

Sector: E-Commerce Industry: Business Function: Data Modeling

Sales & Marketing - Spy Keylogger Product: Keylogger

Company:  Spy Keylogger
Description:Best key logger Software secretly records all computer and internet activity remotely. Keylogger allows you to secretly record all users activities such as web sites visited, Yahoo Messenger, emails, every key pressed.

Sector: Sales & Marketing Industry: Business Function: Document Management

barcode creator Product: barcode creator
Company: design barcode label
Description: Professional edition barcode maker tool design customized barcode label for all barcode application area.

Sector: E-Commerce Industry: Technology Function: Data Modeling

Software for Small & medium Business (SME/SMB) Product: Free Data Recovery Tools
Company: Data Recovery Tools

Software allows you to restore data deleted when media is pulled out directly without proper removal of multimedia devices like pen drive.

Sector: Network & Security Industry: Technology Function: Data Modeling

Data Management Software Product: MySQL to MS SQL Convertor
Company: Convert MySQL to MSSQL
Description: Browse MSSQL to MySQL database synchronization utility migrate passwords protected DB files to MySQL server format

Sector: Data Management Industry: Business Function: Data Warehousing

Data Management Software - Picture Undelete Product: Picture Undelete
Company: Photo Recovery
Description: Website offers photo recovery software to restore all missing and deleted pictures, snaps, photographs etc.

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Product: Data recovery software
Company: Data recovery software
Description: Proficient SIM data retrieval tools rescue SMS, contact numbers with saved name, call details.

Sector: Network & Security Industry: Engineering Function: Data Modeling

PowerDesigner 12.5 Data Modelling Software Tools Product: PowerDesigner 12.5
Company: Sybase Inc.
PowerDesigner uniquely combines several standard modeling techniques (UML, Business Process Modeling and market-leading data modeling) together with leading development environments, such as .NET, Workspace, PowerBuilder, Java, and Eclipse, to bring business analysis and formal design solutions to the traditional software development lifecycle. And it works with more than 60 RDBMS.

Sector: Knowledge Management Industry: Data modelling Function: Technology

SILVERRUN RDM Data Modelling Software Tools Product: SILVERRUN RDM
Company:  Grandite
SILVERRUN RDM Relational Data Modeler (Relational Data Modeller) is a feature-rich tool that enables data modelers and administrators as well as database designers and administrators to produce and maintain high-quality, enterprise-strength relational data models. RDM is very adaptable and can be used at virtually any stage in the development life cycle.

Sector:  Knowledge Management Industry: Data modelling Function:  Technology

geodatabase Data Modelling Software Tools Product: geodatabase
Company:  ESRI
ESRI has established a set of best practices geodatabase designs for various application domains. These database designs are intended to help GIS users rapidly become productive with the geodatabase and to share "what really works" among users and our developer communities.

Sector:  Knowledge Management Industry: Data modelling Function:  Technology

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