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Data Management Software Product:  MySQL to MS SQL Convertor

Easy to use and non-destructive MSSQL to MySQL Database Converter Software is focused towards converting the created MSSQL database records into MySQL database by maintaining the database functionality. The database conversion software is specifically developed for all the database administrators and database programmers so as to convert the database created in MSSQL format to MySQL format.

Database Migration Tool provides support to all null value constraints, key constraints, data types, schemas, attributes, tables (including rows and columns) etc. even after database conversion. All the records can be maintained in their original structure resulting into the lossless database records conversion.

The database conversion utility allows its users to overwrite the records of existing database records with the converted database records or save the converted database records on the disk at user specified location for future purposes.

Software Features:

  • Database Conversion tool converts the database records created in MSSQL to MySQL database format with full accuracy.
  • The data base file converter utility is easy to use and secure tool.
  • Support full functionality and structure of the existing database while performing database conversion.
  • Provide advance feature of overwriting the existing MSSQL database records or saves the converted database at user specified location.

Sector: Data Management Industry: Business Function: Data Warehousing

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