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DecisionCharts Technology Software Product: DecisionCharts for Microsoft Project
Company: DecisionEdge, Inc.
DecisionCharts for Microsoft Project gives managers the enhanced graphics they need to better understand and communicate key project information. With seamless integration into Microsoft Project, more than 60 new and improved graphics are just a few clicks away.

Sector: Business Intelligence Industry: Technology Function: Business Intelligence

Cognos 8 Technology Software Product: Cognos 8 Business Intelligence
Company: Cognos Incorporated
Cognos 8 Business Intelligence delivers the complete range of BI capabilities on a single, service-oriented architecture (SOA). Author, share, and use reports that draw on data across all enterprise sources for better business decisions.

Sector: Business Intelligence Industry: Technology Function: Business Intelligence

MicroStrategy 8 Technology Software Product: MicroStrategy 8
Company:  MicroStrategy, Inc.
MicroStrategy 8 builds upon the unified architectural foundation established by MicroStrategy 7. It inherits the industrial-strength attributes that have become the hallmark of MicroStrategy technology—including the highest user scalability, highest data scalability, supporting all 5 Styles of Business Intelligence as plug-n-play components, and an enterprise-caliber of non-stop operations and powerful administration.With MicroStrategy 8, businesses can now extend the richness of MicroStrategy business intelligence to more diverse business people and to use it to manage more facets of business performance.

Sector: Business Intelligence Industry: Technology Function: Business Intelligence

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