expressor software, BIReady partner to deliver flexible
and cost-effective data warehousing solution

expressor software and BIReady have announced a technology partnership agreement in order to deliver a flexible, business-metadata-driven and cost-effective data warehousing solution.

While BIReady reduces the time and cost of Business Intelligence (BI) projects by automating many of the data warehouse processes, expressor's semantic data integration system can give an end-to-end solution to the customers. Thus, from quickly extracting source data to delivering the accurate and timely information required for BI systems to generate real business value, the partnership will help accelerates the entire data warehousing process.

The new agreement is expected to cut the cost of any business intelligence initiatives dramatically while providing a fast, scalable and cost-effective data warehousing solution that is ready to use immediately. Moreover, the solutions that BIReady and expressor deliver are quite easy to use and give breakthrough performance.

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