A new international regulatory compliance service
is launched by RegScan

In partnership with the UK based Cardinal Environment, RegScan, Inc has launched a new international regulatory compliance service. Known as Cardinal Tailored Global Registers, this service has been introduced after judging the growing needs in the market.

Main features of Cardinal Tailored Global Registers are
1) It allows a US headquarters location to monitor country specific environmental health and safety legislation via concise, easy-to-read English summaries.
2) It can also at the same time provide their international facilities with full-text legislation in native language.
3) It helps address the ISO and RC 14001 and OHSAS 18001 requirements to track regulatory compliance on a facility-by-facility basis through the individual tailoring of each country's legislation.
4) It offers services to all parts of the world.

Considering the needs of the EH&S market, no solution seems to fit all businesses, but Cardinal Tailored Global Registers has the ability to expand the international service with their tailored legislative content. Since Cardinal Tailored Global Registers is ready to understand the compliance requirement worldwide, this new launch by RegScan can expect better results than others. Visit www.regscan.com for more information.

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