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Time Management Software - Time Tracker Lite Product: Time Tracker Lite
Company: Spectrum Info Solutions
Description: Time Tracker Lite (Free Edition) : Time Management software to keep a complete track of you time, time spend on Task, Subtask, Project, Customer.

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E-Commerce Software - Partition Recovery
Company: Partition Recovery Software
Company Overview:
Partition recovery software undelete hard disk drive restore deleted files tools utility retrieval freeware formatted logical disks repair partition table boot sectors restoration corrupted mbr damaged unformat unerase folders.

Sector: E-Commerce Industry: Business Function:  Timesheet

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Web TimeSheet Time Sheet management Software Product:  Web TimeSheet
Company:  Replicon Inc
Web TimeSheet is User friendly, award winning interface makes time entry easy,Enter time from anywhere,anytime towards pre-populated Projects and tasks.Easily configure the timesheet screen for your organization ,Choose from different types of time entry screen that fit your organization,Enter time through Offline timesheets if internet access is not available.

Sector:  Calendar & Scheduling Industry: Business Function:  Timesheet

Senomix Timesheet Software Product:  Senomix Timesheets
Company:   Senomix Software Inc Description:
Senomix Timesheets gives engineering and project-directed offices a simple tool for the analysis of employee effort hours.Timesheets works with your accounting software, work processes and project schedules to deliver the progress reports, billing data and invoices you want from timesheet data.Networked to deliver all timesheets to one computer for easy review, Senomix Timesheets may be used on its own or as a front-end for your current billing system.

Sector:  Calendar & Scheduling Industry: Business Function:  Timesheet

Journyx Timesheet™ Timesheet Software Product: Journyx Timesheet™
Company: Journyx, Inc
Journyx Timesheet™ is a timesheet and expense management solution for the entire enterprise. Any company that bills for its services, performs project-oriented work, or tracks absences for a professional workforce can benefit from Timesheet. You can easily manage employee timesheets and expenses for project control, customer invoicing, and payroll automation with Timesheet. Journyx Timesheet is the foundation of the Journyx P5 Protocol™, your path to Per-person, Per-project Profitability.Optional modules for Timesheet can help automate your time and expense approval process, accurately handle employee vacation accruals, or allow your users to enter time via email. Timesheet is built with patented technologies and is based on open standards to make integration with your existing software a snap. Timesheet can even help you with regulatory compliance issues for the Sarbanes-Oxley Act or DCAA Contract Audit Manual.

Sector: Calendar & Scheduling Industry: Business Function: Timesheet

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