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Remote key logger helps you to recollect passwords or mail id that have been forgotten or lost during system crash.

Remote key logger provides the following features:

- Stealth keylogger easily monitors keyboard typed activities including username, password, website URLs etc.

- Invisible monitoring utility track all user data, files, folders with name, date, time and location.

- Surveillance tool facilitates to run in hidden mode and is undetectable in Add/Remove Program list, System Startup, Shortcut icons on Desktop and Program folders.

- Saves all chats history, E-mail addresses, visited website URL details in hidden password protected log files.

- Provides option to deliver log file details at set time interval to user specified email address.

- Facilitates to set Hot keys or Run command option so as to access keylogger software when running in stealth mode.

- Key logger utility with graphical user interface (GUI) helps users to easily operate the software.

- Parental monitoring tool can be easily understandable by the user itself without requiring any prior technical help.

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