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Manage your company's schedules online with eStudio's calendar software. With our online calendar, you and your employees will keep track of tasks, appointments, events, and meetings with ease and efficiency. Users will receive notifications and reminders via email. Managers can create supervisor reports to easily check staff availability. No matter how big your team or how daunting your schedule, eStudio 6 is the group calendar software that can manage everyone's schedule.

The Features are as follows:

- Schedule appointments, online meetings, events, etc. Integrates with eStudio TaskTracker (project management) to easily access tasks.
- Incorporates 3 calendars into 1: Personal, Group/Team, and Supervisor.
- Check a box to filter calendar views between group and personal events. Get accurate reports for your team. Check staff availability.
- Schedule users, facilities, resources, service calls, and group activities.
- Automatically sends email alerts, reminders and RSVPs. Schedule eStudio live chats and web cam conferences. See your group calendar from your mobile phone.
- Manage recurring team events, corporate meetings, conference calls daily, weekly, monthly or annually.

Sector: Calendar & Scheduling Industry: Business Function: Appointment Scheduling

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