Billing & Account Management Software (Standard Edition)

Billing Software - Billing & Account Management Software (Standard Edition)
Product: Billing & Account Management Software (Standard Edition)

Company: Quick Billing


Advanced Billing and Accounting Management software module gives you a simple, efficient and cost-effective way to gain full control over accounting processes of your organization.

Software Features:

* Simple and reliable bookkeeping utility is useful accounting software for small business organization to meet the exact needs of business in most cost effective way.

* Accurately manages all the earning and expenditure details of the Company.

* Easily maintains the inventory records, stock details, voucher entries, tax types, profit/loss records, debit/credit details etc.

* Efficiently manages the company-customer profile, clients’ detail, and facilitates computerized report generation.

* Provides user login and freeze date security features to secure your confidential financial data.

* Perfectly prepares the balance sheets, trial balance, billing and other ledger reports within a short time period.

* Good-looking user friendly interface and an exclusive do-it-yourself feature.

Price: $45

Sector: Accounting & Finance Industry: Business Function: Billing

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