Pilgrim Software introduces SmartEngineer document management solution

Pilgrim Software introduces SmartEngineer document management solution for engineering and quality collaboration

Pilgrim Software, provider of Enterprise Compliance and Quality Management (ECQM) software solutions, has released SmartEngineer technology, that is designed to integrate engineering with quality, change management and compliance. The new solution can help companies to manage 3-D and 2-D CAD models within Pilgrim's Document Management solution. SmartEngineer is sold as an add-on solution to Pilgrim's Document Management solution.

Traditional CAD programs do not comprehensively integrate with an overall quality and compliance management system, so engineers are left with managing and leaving a company's key IP on their private computer, making it difficult to track changes or share information. The result is exposure to regulatory risk for design controls and decreased efficiency, countless revisions, and increased expenses. Pilgrim is introducing SmartEngineer to integrate document management capabilities with CAD models of PTC PRO/E. With SmartEngineer, an organization will have version control for all its engineering drawings in a centralized repository that can include all related product, process and quality documentation."

By providing easy access to drawings and specifications, cross-functional barriers will reduce the overall design approval and transfer cycle, and eliminate costly "over-the-wall" syndrome between Engineering and Manufacturing. In addition, Quality and Manufacturing can more easily access, reference or even make change requests back to Engineering in response to defects, complaints, corrective actions or other design change considerations such as improved manufacturability.

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