Sage Software releases new version of DacEasy   accounting software

Sage Software has launched the DacEasy Version 15 targeted at small business (SMB) owners, which provides greater accuracy and efficiency in managing daily accounting tasks. The software is also more flexible enabling existing customers of this popular small business accounting software to upgrade easily.

According to the company's general manager of small business accounting solutions, Connie Certusi, DacEasy has a strong legacy being a mature accounting software package. The release of Version 15 streamlines functionality and improves several features in previous versions of the product.

The main value proposition of DacEasy Version 15 is the time savings and improved efficiency it brings. The software provides features such as:

Save report parameters- memorizing users' custom parameters, helping save time when generating frequently used reports. There is flexibility to turn this feature on or off.

E-mail reports and forms- enabling users to share reports and forms with relevant stakeholders.

Customized lookups- again, saves time by allowing for addition or removal of columns depending on specific details a user wants to display.

Customers who upgrade to this latest version of the software will find features that allow them to clean up auto complete data, give them faster access to transactions with attached notes and enable users to print federal Form 1096 directly from DacEasy, minimizing errors that occur when manually completing this form.

The DacEasy Version 15 can be purchased online or through Sage Software Certified Consultants. This accounting software is available for single user version at $449 or $849 for a networked edition. It is also available in specific business software modules including accounting, payroll, order entry and point of sale.

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