Canon launches a new print management system

Steve Evans from reports the release of a new print management system by Canon which offers pop-up print advice. Known as uniFLOW Output Manager 4.0, the new system will have more control over the print costs of the companies, thus helping them to save money.

The specialty of this software is that the moment you give a command to print, a machine generates an automatic pop-up tool which calculates the cost of each print ordered and at the same time identifies an alternative device to get the job done at a lower price. Apart from previewing the printing job, the users can also make the change at the printing device itself like changing the number of copies or changing the ink options. Thus the device will save the time in going back to the seat to do the desired change.

The device can prove very helpful in the times of economic downturn when streamlining and cost control are the points of concern. According to Tracey Fielden, the head of office marketing, such an effective print strategy that enables IT managers and other employees to manage their own printing, can help the organization save 30% of the total cost.

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