Zmanda delivers Data Protection for SUSE
Linux Enterprise 11 from Novell

Zmanda has announced the certification of its flagship products, Amanda Enterprise 3.0, and Zmanda Recovery Manager for MySQL 3.0 on SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 from Novell. Novell is the Linux platform which drives mission-critical computing from desktop to data center, for physical and virtual environments.

Amanda Enterprise is a backup and recovery solution whereas Zmanda Recovery Manager (ZRM) is used to automate backup and recovery of MySQL databases. Amanda Enterprise uses standard formats and tools combining installation, management, functionality and low subscription charges so that companies do not lock themselves with a vendor in order to recover archived data.

Unique and enterprise-grade features of ZRM are

- MySQL storage engine and snapshot intelligence,
- integration of backup operations with MySQL binary logs,
- replication support, and
- Zmanda Management Console (a powerful Web-based graphical user interface that lets DBAs control backup and recovery across all MySQL servers from any browser enabled device)

Since SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 brings innovations in many areas like appliances, interoperability and mission-critical computing, customers demands for easy and fast installation. Zmanda explores for the development of virtual appliances that can bring pre-configured backup solutions. With Amanda Enterprise and Zmanda Recovery Manager for the SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 provides complete data to its customers in an affordable cost.

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