TRENDnet helps to save energy with GREENnetTM   Technology

TRENDnet, an award winning global networking solutions brand in wire and wireless technology has launched 5-port Gigabit GREENnet Switch (model TEG-S50g) and the 8-port Gigabit GREENnet Switch (model TEG-S80g) by introducing GREENnet™ Technology in Gigabit Routers. This switch based technology determines and supplies the required amount of electrical power to each switch port connected to a device.

The specialty of this technology is that it finds out the unused Ethernet port, when the device is not connected to the port or if connected but in powered down or put in stand by mode and automatically reduces the power sent to that port. It can also detect the length of the cable used in connecting the Ethernet port with the device and accordingly supplies the power for that specific port.

According to Zak Wood, the director of Global Marketing for TRENDnet, without affecting performance the GREENnet™ technology immediately reduces power consumption, the moment a device is switched on.

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