Transnet Port Terminals selects NICE’s IP Video Surveillance Solution

Transnet Port Terminals, the largest cargo terminal operator of South Africa has selected NICE’s state-of-the-art digital video surveillance solution for five port terminals. Selected under the National Security Upgrade Initiative, NICE’s solution will improve security at commercial key ports of South Africa and ensure compliance with country’s critical infrastructure regulations.

It shows the strategic focus of NICE on securing critical transportation infrastructure sites in various regions of the world. With NICE solution, Transnet Port Terminal will be able to monitor and record the images from 800 IP video surveillance cameras positioned at some of the busiest ports. Moreover, this surveillance solution will enable Transnet to act in accordance with government’s National Key Points and Strategic Installations regulations and ensure effective control over security of critical infrastructure sites.

Speaking about the NICE solutions, Mervin Chetty of Transnet Port Terminal said that the solution would ensure the availability of high performing components required at the control rooms to manage, view and enable the video confirmation which might be used to improve the speed and reliability of the process and if needed, provide an audit trail for investigation.

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