Oorja Software introduced SwiftCompare

Oorja Software has launched SwiftCompare which is a pro-Windows visual file and folder comparison utility. SwiftCompare is designed in such a way that it can help you execute your folder-merging and file-syncing tasks when they arise, thus saving you from upcoming frustration and valuable time that you lose in doing so.

SwiftCompare is able to execute basic but important aspects like undoing any mistaken changes you might have made to the files or folder. With SwiftCompare, you can make comparison rule customizations and thus ignore insignificant differences like blank lines, multiple spaces, etc. You can even neglect source code comments that are used for PERL, JAVA, HTML, C++, C etc.

SwiftCompare furthers assures to keep you away from the characteristic mishaps of working from different locations. Make a comparison of two PCs, drives, folders, or files, and then merge their respective changes according to the synchronization rules that are fully customizable.

Although it is quite a rigorous exercise to manage the entire tasks but SwiftCompare’s file and folder comparison utility enables to have all these in their respective directories and/or drives in very short time duration. Thus, SwiftCompare is not only convenient to use at home and business but it is equally sturdy for the use of software applications and web developers. Visit www.oorjasoftware.com/product_info.html to gather further details or information.

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