MXSave launches e-mail continuity service to standard backup service

An e-mail disaster recovery solutions provider, MXSave has come up with an e-mail continuity service which provides backup MX services along with e-mail continuity. It also allows businesses to avoid e-mail downtime when there is problem of power cut or hardware failure. The service also works in crucial times; like earthquakes, hurricanes, fires, floods and problems in internet connectivity, when the e-mail server of your organization is not online to accept e-mails from your customers or vendors.

By adding this e-mail continuity service, all the organization e-mails will go at MXSave; so each user of an organization can easily view the e-mail or compose new message and reply to old messages by logging to their account at; even if the mail server goes offline. When the mail server comes back online, all queued up e-mails automatically go to the organization mail server.

The service is very useful for the companies as it is quite easy to use and cheaper than any other such solution in the market. Further, it does not require any hardware or software installation.

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