MIE Solutions releases a quoting
an estimating software

E Solutions has recently released QuoteIT 2010 which is a powerful estimating and MIquoting software. This software had been specially designed for the manufacturing and machine shop industries. Even the customers too can be given the accurate estimates with the help of QuoteIT 2010.

Great for the sheet metal and machining industry, the cost estimating software like QuoteIT is also meant for all those industries that require operations, exploded bill of material and detailed reports.  Though there are many ERP software packages that offer quoting and estimating options, but very few of them have been as successful as QuoteIT.

New features of QuoteIT include its ability to have user-defined operations that produce the cost at a one time event only. Operations like engineering are not required to be charged every time a machine is set up. Even your quote will be made more accurate and the possibility is that you will be rewarded the job.

One more feature of QuoteIT is very important to mention. While producing estimates for large assemblies such as boxes, cars, desks or large machinery, QuoteIT takes the common components in the assembly and then merge the pricing. It is done so because practically, you do not produce common parts individually during the manufacturing step.  In order to merge all common setups and materials into an accurate cost, QuoteIT rolls all those component requirements together during the final calculation.

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