Line 6 releases POD X3 V2.0
a new software update

Line 6, Inc., the industry leader in digital modeling technology for music-creation products has announced the release of POD X3 V2.0. It is a free software update which delivers a collection of additional effects to all Line 6 POD X3 products.

Since it is free software update, POD X3 users will now get an opportunity to expand their sonic palettes. It includes a host of incredible new effects like guitar-based vocoder which is quite unique in this multi-effect category.

This newly released POD X3 V2.0 delivers 12 additional and fully adjustable effect models that include POD X3, POD X3 Live, and POD X3 Pro. There is a wide range of effects available through the update and each update increases the effect model count of each product to a generous 110. Each effect model is based on a sought-after stompbox or piece of classic rack gear. You can get a number of tremols, shifters, phasers, a delay and an inspiring vocoder.

Besides POD X3 V2.0, there are other model-count software updates which are released by Line 6. For example, M13 v2 adds over 20 effects models and more to M13 Stompbox Modeler multi-effect pedal and then, SpiderŽ IV v1.04 adds a collection of artist-created tone presets to spider IV guitar amplifiers.

To download POD X3 V2.0, visit Line 6.

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