Hospital pharmacists get new
Pharmacy Intervention Solution

Thomson Reuters has recently launched the new Pharmacy Intervention Solution, especially for hospitals. It combines real-time clinical surveillance, mobile access to patient data and also Micromedex reference information. With the help of this solution, the hospital pharmacist can identify, perform and document interventions at the point of care. It also helps in preventing adverse drug events and thus reduces the medication costs.

The Pharmacy Intervention Solution compares the clinical profiles with data extracted from different hospital IT systems that automatically help in identifying patients who are at risk due to an adverse drug event. It can also identify alternative yet equally effective medication or therapies. For example, in some cases low-costing oral medication can be given instead of a drug that is administered intravenously. Thus the solution also assists pharmacists in reducing hospital costs.

With the help of this solution, pharmacists can also access patient information from a web portal or a mobile device like Blackberry Smartphone or tablet PC.  Since each treatment is directly attached to the patient record, it can be seen by all relevant team members at any time they need and can document their intervention or treatment directly.

Thus, Pharmacy Intervention Solution by Thomson Reuters is expected to improve the hospital pharmacists’ workflow and enable them to work more efficiently. Visit  for more information.

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