HDC has launched a new preventive model for
chronic disease management

A new preventive model to chronic disease management has recently been launched by Health Diagnostic Laboratory (HDC) Inc. People in medical profession are no longer confined to just limited lab result only. They need those advance measures that help them yield better results. Since this model is based off a monumental shift in the way physicians test for life threatening conditions, the medial community can now detect the 'unexpected' more accurately.

According to Tonya Mallory, President and CEO HDL Inc, it is proven by a research of over 50-plus years that physicians must measure to understand a patient's overall risks. Since Health Diagnostic Laboratory Inc. offers a comprehensive panel of tests, it helps physicians to personalize treatment, based on an expanded total patient profile.

HDL assures to give evidence-based treatments or an earlier detection of residual risk factors. With its new preventive disaster management model approach, HDL provides medical professionals with more advanced tools and scientific evidences that help to predict angiographic disease or coronary heart disease events. Thus there will be lesser number of patients who might otherwise progress to overt diseases.

Moreover, the advanced testing options of HDL allow the doctors to understand the patients' disease on a more personal level and to support an individual achievement of health like never before. Visit the company website at HDC for more information.

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