GoldenGate Software and Greenplum join forces to
enable low-cost and high-performance BI solution

GoldenGate Software Inc., and Greenplum has announced that the GoldenGate(R) solution will support integration of operational data to a Greenplum data warehouse in real-time for improved business intelligence and reporting.

Business intelligence projects are being pushed higher up on a CIO's priority list because there is an increased desire to optimize business operations, especially in areas like pricing or profitability analysis. It is important to enable cross-selling, up-selling and other customer focused marketing initiatives.

The effort of GoldenGate's real-time data integration solution allows Greenplum customers to achieve low-cost, high-performance and efficient way to load data from a variety of operational source systems for an up-to-date and accurate picture of the business through GoldenGate technology. Moreover, pulling from multiple domains will enable business users have an accurate picture about what is going on in the business.

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