Exari Group launches Software Version 5.3

Featuring many functions as requested by its customers, Exari group; a leading document assembling and contract management software company has released its new version 5.3. This improved version has helped them automate their sales contracts and other complex documents and thus reducing the time of the sale cycle.

The new features of this version are Interview Auto Recovery, Interview Progress, an answer-file comparison tool and a dynamically generated chart-builder. So if you have not saved your data, you need not worry with this version of Exari. For those who work out in the field without accessing the internet, this version provides the offline mode facility. By offering good breed authoring environment, it helps the authors make elaborate templates by using web browser and applying different tools.

In this time of economic crisis, this version with its cost-saving ability and time-reducing quality is very useful for any company. To gather more information regarding the product, visit www.exari.com .

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