CONTECH has chosen Steelwedge to support
sales & operations planning

CONTECH, the leading provider of the site solution products and services, has chosen Steelwedge to support its sales and operations planning roadmap. With the help of Steeelwedge software, CONTECH will be able to consolidate and manage planning inputs. Steelwedge will help CONTECH to leverage the highly scalable, cloud-based sales and operation platform.

CONTECH has chosen Steelwedge solution because
Steelwedge offers a unique, service-based approach to sales and operations planning which incorporates best practice templates and processes. A unique methodology and toolset of Steelwedge enables it to rapidly design and deliver the best-practice based S&OP solution in a short period without having a major impact on the IT organization of CONTECH. Steelwedge is expected to improve sales forecast accuracy, on-time delivery, profitability and reduce inventory levels.

With Steelwedge software, the CONTECH executives can now capture and forecast unit demand and revenues, evaluate rough cut capacities (RCCP) that will help in measuring the actual performance against plan. They will use Steelwedge to review, approve and adjust forecast and align them with sales and operational plans.

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