Brainware introduces a new advanced reporting and
dashboard technology package to its users

The innovative provider of intelligent data capture and enterprise search solutions, Brainware, Inc. has launched the Brainware Visibility, for the company's flagship product, Brainware Distiller(TM). With advanced reporting and dashboard technology, this package is likely to put the business users in total control of their document-centric processes.

With a few mouse clicks, Brainware Visibility gives full information and insight the business owners need in optimizing their data and streamlining the operations while Brainware Distiller with its key performance indicators allows the users quickly navigate from high-level performance to document-level details.

The users can easily know the exact location of each document in the Distiller and where they need to focus their time and attention. With this package the users now spend less time in gathering and assembling data and concentrate more on suppliers, customers and employees to improve their margin.

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