Ambient has announced its latest version
of X-series smart grid node

Ambient Corporation has recently announced the latest version of its X-series smart grid node. Ambient X-3100, the newest all-in-solution allows electric utilities to quickly and efficiently deploy a two-way data communications network designed to connect to all devices and applications on the smart grid.

Key features of the X-3100 are
1) Being already deployed by utilities in 2002, the X-3100 is proven and field ready.
2) It is the only smart grid device in the industry that internally incorporates all the required protocols and technologies to connect to any smart grid application.
3) It connects all smart grid devices that include smart meters and application under one uniform communications platform.
4) It can incorporate the Ambient EDC module and provides a migration path from legacy system to smart metering.
5) Its open standards and IP-based technology provides a communication platform, via wired and wireless technologies. So regardless of manufacturer or communication protocol, it can integrate with any IP-based smart grid devices.

Since X-3100 is upgradeable, it offers the speed and bandwidth for present and future smart grid need. It thus brings the yesterday's technology into today's smart grid and at the same time enables the future technology. It also uses standard GPS technology to provide precision location information.

Now without putting an upfront investment in a full build-out, the utilities can ramp up this smart grid programs just by deploying smart grid assets at strategic locations, and connecting current and future smart grid devices.

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