Actinic presents its upgraded Web-based Ecommerce Solution

To upgrade the web-based ecommerce solution, Actinic has recently introduced version 2.0 of Actinic Express. Retailers will now have a quick chance to start online trading in the most cost-effective way. With the new upgraded version and a web browser, the retailers will be able to create and manage their own online shop.

To help you make the site, version 2.0 offers you eight new themes to choose from which can be customized with company’s logos, fonts and color schemes. New enhanced options for designs give an opportunity to owners who have an extensive product range to offer, so that they can display the products in multiple columns on one page.

Along with better configuration of product attributes and memory usage, Actinic Express 2.0 has a much-improved backend database, page loading and rendering. Moreover, addition of integration with Google Analytics integration is the new feature of this version that not only enables tracking and measuring of visitors’ behaviour but also notices performances of web site and marketing campaign.

So grab the opportunity and develop your own site. Upgrade it when you need to. New customers can sign up for a fee of £1.00. Offer is valid till 30 April, 2009. Visit for other details.

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