A new cloud-based software solution launched for
small and medium apparel manufacturers

AnaTango, a software and IT solutions provider, has launched a cloud-based software solution, named AnaTango Enterprise, for small to medium enterprise (SME) apparel manufacturers. The company claims the cloud software is flexible, cost effective and valuable for SMEs. The software is molded around the apparel business segment and hence can help SMEs to run their business more efficiently.

The new cloud-based software is capable to keep a track on full inventory and customer management, purchase order creation and management and invoicing. Moreover, it also features advanced systems such as barcode scanning, comprehensive reporting, as well as management dashboards. This will allow SME apparel companies to take smart business decisions while saving money otherwise spent on expensive IT infrastructure.

According to the 2011 study titled "ROI of Cloud Apps", by Forrester Research, more than half the firms surveyed were planning to raise their spending on software-as-a-service.

AnaTango's CEO, Michael Saddik:

"AnaTango Enterprise, based on our groundbreaking Adaptive Management Infrastructure gives companies like Voom (an apparel manufacturer based in Los Angeles, California) the ability to focus on customers, sales and profitability, with enterprise-class software previously only available to much larger companies. We are thrilled to be able to announce today the first customer implementation of our product, and also demonstrate the software for other apparel manufacturers here at the Magic Tradeshow."

Abstract of a press release on AnaTango's website: http://www.anatango.com/pr-voom-announcement-082212.html

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