Payroll (Salary)Management Software

Medlin Payroll Software Product:  Medlin Payroll Software
Company:  Medlin Accounting
No internet connection required!,No monthly fees! Mid-year software updates are available for downloading at no extra cost.
Payroll software updates can be mailed on a CD for a small shipping and handling fee.Prepare payroll for a single employer as well as for multiple employers.Stores up to 5000 employees per employer.The payroll software documentation can be printed and/or viewed on the screen.Automatically keeps backups in a separate folder on your computer. Easy to restore from a power outage.

Sector: Accounting & Finance Industry: Business Function:Payroll

Payroll Mate 2008 Software Product: Payroll Mate 2008
Company:  RealTaxTools
Payroll Mate® is a comprehensive payroll software that fits the needs of accountants and small to medium size businesses. Payroll Mate automatically calculates net pay, federal with holding tax, Social Security tax, Medicare,   state and local payroll taxes. Payroll Mate also supports different types of payroll pay periods, prints checks, prepares payroll forms 941, 944, 940, W2 and W3. This payroll software also supports user-defined Income, Tax, and Deduction categories making it very flexible and powerful..

Sector: Accounting & Finance Industry: Business Function: Payroll

PayWindow Payroll Software Product: PayWindow Payroll system
Company: ZPAY Payroll Systems, Inc.
The PayWindow Payroll system can be downloaded for a FREE 30 day trial! So try our payroll software for 30 days for FREE and purchase only after you've seen for yourself how easy payroll processing can be with PayWindow. You will be ready to start your payroll processing immediately with this easy to use payroll software. So stop doing payroll by hand or replace your expensive payroll solutions with our affordable payroll software!

Sector: Accounting & Finance Industry: Business Function: Payroll

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