Software for Companies in the Healthcare Industry- Hospital Management, Patient Record Management & More….

Whether it is a medical billing management system, or a patient's medical record management software or a complete hospital management system that is responsible for the smooth and efficient operation of all aspects of a hospital that you are looking for, we hope to point you to the right sources. Here we present news and information on latest software products specifically targeted at various participants in the healthcare sector, including those for hospitals, small clinics / polyclinics or even doctors involved in private practice at an individual level.

We will also present tips and articles on identifying and buying the right software for the healthcare sector. Check back frequently to find more information on both software products and companies catering to this industry.

We also invite companies making software products for doctors and hospitals to take advantage of the free visibility offered by our site to reach their target customers and provide us with information about their new product launches, updates and other developments.

New Hospital Management Software listings

Hospital Management System, an ideal solutions for clinics and small hospitals to manage the patient records and diagnosis history.

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