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Download keylogger software to tracks office employee children or family member computer and internet activity keyboard keystroke logger capture typed characters windows screenshot track emails web chat and find out what was going on your PC during your absence.

Keyboard Strokes Recording  Accurate monitoring tool records and track each typed character and every keyboard button pressed by external users on your computer, no matter where they were typed and in what language.
Captures Snapshots Detects all activities performed by users and take screenshots of desktop activities at regular interval of time which gives you complete information regarding what other users are doing on your PC in your absence.
Clipboard Monitoring Enables you to see all cut, copy actions performed on text in an email, browser or anywhere on windows clipboard and save it for later viewing to provide full information in easiest way.
Records Voice Chat Conversations Easily records all sound activities performed by external users including voice chat conversation along with system sound activities in hidden manner while you are away.
E-mail Log Files E-mail sending facility ensures that all log files will be secretly delivered to specified user mailbox which can be checked later without accessing the source computer.

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Sector: Knowledge Management Industry: Service Industry Function: ETL-tools

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