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Company Overview:

- Billing and Inventory Management Software is an excellent business management system to manage Company's inventory and invoicing system automatically. Powerful yet flexible Data Doctor's invoicing and inventory management software is a premium inventory control module which enables to take full control over the billing and inventory of the Company. Primary functionality of integrated accounting and inventory business system is to create new Company record for the product sales and purchase analysis, and provides password protected authentication to prevent from unauthorized users. Business inventory and accounting software allows you to improve inventory levels, automated billings and sales/purchase analysis for making good relationships with your customers.

- Our inventory and billing management software provides facility to generate ledger report, Company expenses report, party report, item report, product sales and purchase order report with editing and updating options. Highly interactive inventory management solution is an intuitive program to record all details information of products, customers and Companies, and facilitate with file backup features in case of records missing. Easy to use invoicing and inventory management tool is useful for small businesses to large organization by analyzing product sales performance of different Companies and customers.

- Use inventory software to manage Company inventory and billing system automatically.

- Primary functionality is to create new Company records.

- Password protected feature prevents from unauthorized users to change software settings.

- Generate ledger report, sales/purchase order report, Company expenses report and other related information report.

- Facilitate to add or remove new records just few clicks.

- Inventory module lets you take full control of your inventory and invoicing.

- User will be able to analyze your sales performance for different products, customers and companies.

- Simplest way to record all expenses and sales of the Company.

- Facilitate with restoration feature of the saved records.

- Build good customer relationships and increase customer satisfaction that can lead to future business opportunities.

- Easy to use and user friendly interface.

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Sector: Accounting & Finance Industry: Business Function: Billing

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