Services Strategies Inc.

Company: Services Strategies Inc.

Company Overview:

Service Strategies is a privately held Georgia company located in Dunwoody, Georgia and founded in 1995.Their mission is to provide AS/400 and LAN based technology and services that cost effectively address business needs, particularly in the areas of e-mail systems, messaging and network security.

A Certified Business Partner of the respective providers of these products and services. Their role in your evaluation of these offerings is to assist you by answering any questions you may have about the product or service, its installation and use. They also provide you a conduit to the providers technical support group should you encounter any problems or issues during the evaluation. If you decide to purchase the product, They will process your order, coordinate the delivery of the product, invoice you and provide any technical assistance necessary to make your installation a success. After installation, they provide regular information on new features and releases and are available as a resource should you encounter any operational issues or problems.

Sector: Network Security Industry: Technology Software Function: Point of Sale Software

Contact: Service Strategies Inc.,
2392 Mount Vernon Rd,
Dunwoody, GA 30338-3092.


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