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Company: InVoicera

Company Overview:

Invoicera is an out-of-the-edge online application that takes over the traditional paper-and-pen billing system and "internetizes" it!

It is a smart, easy, and fortified e-way of sending and receiving invoices with clients and also allows payment transactions from your clients across the globe. So if you have a huge clientele spreading from North to South Pole, just don't ask for their postal address! Send them professional-looking invoices through Invoicera and receive timely payments.

Safe, Secure and Highly Credible

Invoicera promises safety and security even before promising easy billing. Perfect for small and medium scaled enterprises, consultants and freelancers, Invoicera takes online billing to another level of comfortability. It ensures business transparency by crystal clear accounting transactions, and rules out any chances of hacking, identity theft and mathematical errors.

With Invoicera, you can send and receive invoices through any part of the world, with so many advantages that you just keep counting...

Sector: Accounting & Finance Industry: Business Function: Billing

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