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Company: BillQuick

Company Overview:

BQE develops products for the professional services industry that completely automates timekeeping, project management and billing processes. BillQuick, with a user base of over 140,000, adapts to accounting, architectural, engineering, law, IT consulting, business consulting and other professional firms.

The BillQuick Family includes time and expense recording, report generation and invoicing via the Web, plus email, PDAs and cell phones solutions for off-site consultants, on-the-go professionals, and satellite offices. BillQuick solutions also employ advanced technology, such as workflow automation and fuzzy logic self-learning algorithms. Via Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL, MSDE, MYSQL and Oracle databases engines, BillQuick serves SMB companies of any size with robust features, exceptional adaptability, and a time-saving user interface/interaction design. Current users range from one-man to 5,000-person organizations.

In addition, BillQuick integrates with cornerstone SMB applications such as Microsoft Outlook. Also, BillQuick integrates in real-time with Intuit QuickBooks® Pro, Premier and Enterprise Editions (U.S. and Canadian) and Microsoft Office Accounting. Integration is also available with QuickBooks Online Edition.

Other Products developed by BillQuick are as follows:

- BillQuick

- Web Suite

- Agent

- Outlook Add-In

- Assistant

- eTools

- BillQuick CE

- BillQuick Palm

- Mobile

- BillQuick HR

- Resource Allocator

- BillQuick Lite

Sector: Accounting & Finance Industry: Business Function: Billing

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