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Web Content Management 2.0 Content Management Software Product: Web Content Management 2.0
Company:  Alfresco Software, Inc.
Web Content Management 2.0 is as big a shift both in technology and customer expectations. Today consumers are used to using Google Maps, GMail, Blogger, Flickr,, and Wikipedia. These new services ? associated with a new generation of websites popularly known as Web 2.0 ? have again reset expectations creating a fundamental shift in both technology requirements and associated business requirements for content management. These have had a fundamental effect on user?s expectations in the areas of: Rich User Interface, Participation, Community Services, Categorization and Trust ? all built on a decentralized infrastructure.

Sector: Data Management Industry: Business Function: Content-Management

Percussion 2.0 Content Management Software Product: Percussion 2.0
Company: Percussion Software, Inc
Percussion Software, a leading developer of Web Content Management (WCM) solutions for multi-channel, customer-centric applications, today introduced its Percussion 2.0? Solution Series. The Percussion 2.0 Solution Series enables marketing and business professionals to buy packaged capabilities targeting specific line-of-business objectives for their customer-centric Web content managed by Percussion?s Rhythmyx platform. The Solution Series is designed to automate on-line marketing functions ? which now extend not only to Web sites and email, but also blogs, RSS feeds, podcasts, new mobile apps and social networking. The Percussion 2.0 Solution Series maintains and consistently delivers branding and content across multiple channels.

Sector: Data Management Industry: Business Function: Content-Managemnt

Interwoven TeamSite Content Management Software Product: Interwoven TeamSite
Company: Interwoven, Inc.
Interwoven TeamSite is the industry's most advanced content management platform for the enterprise. TeamSite underpins a wide range of enterprise applications?from intranets and internal portals to public Websites, dealer portals and extranets?that businesses rely on. That is why the world's most successful companies, including GE, Siemens, and Cisco Systems, have standardized on TeamSite as the foundation for managing their high-value information assets.

Sector: Data Management Industry: Business Function: Content-Management

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