Cortex I.T. introduces new BackupAssist ™ for small businesses

Cortex I.T. has introduced a new BackupAssist™ Hyper-V Solution in order to make Hyper-V cost savings more realistic for small and medium businesses. The new solution simplifies and automates vital data protection functions for Windows® Hyper-V.

Though Hyper-V itself might prove a good option for SMBs as it provides an easier way to integrate components in specialized I.T. system setups. Later it was discovered that with insurmountable amount of backup and data protection headaches, Hyper-V proved to be unrealistic and impractical. Since the entire business of SMBs depend on the quality of its data, so no risk can be taken with inadequate data protection facilities. In the long run, Hyper-V proved frustrating and expensive.

Introduced by Cortex I.T, a leading backdrop software developer, BackupAssist™ is an easily affordable option that also reduces ongoing labor and maintenance costs quite significantly. New BackupAssist is specifically designed to make backup simple and easy for everyone to use on any Windows® system. To find out more about this solution, visit

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